What is HealtheWomen?

karen-about-usAmbiguity is hard to deal with. As humans we are better with certainty, even when that certainty is not the one we wanted. We can work with certainty, plan around it, make decisions. Not knowing can be torture. The individual who is comfortable with not knowing is an unusual individual.

It raises the question: what do we actually know to be true? We each have our own glasses through which we see the world. Two people looking at the same situation may see very different things depending on our own experiences, our level of optimism, how lucky we think we are. What defines us is not the events in our life but how we respond to those events.

The input and interaction with others also affects our interpretation and perception of events. So it’s not so much about bringing together the right people, as much as bringing together the people with the right energy.

If we are travelling together in the same general direction and not wasting our energy in conflict, then we can truly make great things happen. In taking lots of small steps, we can realise our dreams, maybe change a little piece of the world.

Ask yourself who inspires you? Who do you admire?

Those little voices that go on inside us all the time, that inner dialogue is our deep seated inner instinct, a sixth sense, something that is there but maybe indefinable. How many of us listen carefully to that guide? How many of us trust it?

Do you have people around you who act like death eaters or others who make you feel you can fly? Because every choice we make in life has a consequence either positive or negative.

The one thing each of us has and no one can buy is our health. It is difficult to comprehend that the choices we make today affect our health tomorrow. Think of your health like a pension plan: you make deposits now to withdraw in older age. We all want good health and well being for as long as possible.

The World Health Organisation says: Health isn’t just the absence of disease. It is a complete state of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

How would it be if we made one positive change in our life, if we chose one action to move us a step closer to something we have dreamed of? Then one more action and maybe one a week or one a month. Whatever we can achieve, sometimes we take a slip road on our journey by mistake and then we need those people with the right energy to put us back on track, to make us believe we can again.

So how would it be, in this fast paced world of technology, for our teenage girls to be empowered and enlightened enough to say to their partners: I respect and know my body, I don’t want to be at risk from STD so you will wear a condom. It doesn’t matter what porn you have been watching I don’t want to do that act.

And how would it be for young adults trying to conceive to be able to be free to ask the questions about their fertility, to understand why trying to have a baby is sometimes hard. As girls and then women we all expect to be able to have children, if that’s what we choose to do. We are wired up evolutionarily to reproduce to keep the population going, but as a species we are not a particularly fertile.

The disappointment, grief and distress caused by the deep-seated need to have a child – to then find you can’t – is indescribable.

For some the joy and tiredness of motherhood presents a whole new set of challenges and responsibilities. It’s important to know you can cope, to find others to share experiences and ask questions of, to offer support to each other.

Then when our reproductive years reach an end the silent suffering of a generation who think they maybe going mad as their memory and recall fails them, their energy falls and forgetfulness increases.

How would it be if we brought these people together? If we created a platform on which to meet on our journey as women. Allowed the sharing of experience, ideas and support. Understanding that our hormones affect every system in our body. Helped empower each other to be strong and believe in yourself, your own individual goodness, and the value of our contribution to Inspir-a-nation to better health.

To be the best we can be.

Welcome to healthewomen, our platform born from Purple Orchid Pharma the women’s self care company, helping you look after you from puberty through motherhood to menopause.