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I have been a midwife for 25 years and it has been an amazing experience seeing women who have the confidence and the trust in their body’s ability to give birth. I have worked in the NHS and gained a wealth of experience of caring for women giving birth in different settings including a consultant delivery suite, a standalone birth centre and in the community.
During my career I have adhered to the philosophy of “One to One” care often called “continuity of care” which allows women to benefit from having their own midwife throughout pregnancy and when they are giving birth. Each encounter helps her to build up a relationship of trust and the certainty that this same midwife will be at the birth puts women well on their way to feeling less anxious about the birth.
It is human nature to feel able to trust a professional that we have got to know and having the same trusted midwife throughout the whole experience is proven to improve birth outcomes.
My strength is in empowering women to realise their own ability to give birth, I inspire them to believe in their bodies and to trust in the birth process, and every one of my clients at UK Birth Centres receives my full attention and reaps the benefits of the Gold Standard of midwifery continuity of care.

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