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Helen Hanrahan has had psoriasis for almost 17 years and in that time she has tried every possible treatment, both alternative and conventional!
In 2012, Helen started her blog, The Flaky Fashionista – a personal response to her frustration at the lack of practical help for patients especially in how to dress and what to wear.
The aim of this blog is to show all women who suffer from psoriasis that it is still possible to look fabulous, even on your flakiest days.
As someone who has had a passion for fashion since a very early age, Helen strongly believes that ‘if you feel you look well, your mood will instantly lift’.
Since starting the blog, Helen has written for many different dermatology magazines and websites, has spoken at a variety of dermatology events and has been interviewed on TV, radio and by the national press.
She continues to advocate for patients and to raise awareness of psoriasis through her writing. Helen lives in Dublin, Ireland and has a 14-year-old daughter.

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