Loyon – a treatment for cradle cap

My baby had cradle cap, and he’s not even a baby any more.

I knew that he’s got it, and occasionally tried some products marketed as “cradle cap treatment”, but to no avail. I didn’t pay it much attention, being certain that it will go away on it’s own as he grows. Until one day, when he was already 18 months old, I went to pick him up at the nursery and was told, confidentially, by the carer: “Do you know that he has cradle cap? You might want to think about dealing with it.”

She recommended olive oil – massage into the scalp once a day, then rinse with mild shampoo. And it worked.

However, olive oil was messy. It made everything oily and was difficult to wash off. He would go into the nursery the next day with his head still slightly greasy from the treatment on the day before.

And, also, the cradle cap came back after a few months.

I know, it’s probably my fault for not brushing his hair often enough – but he has curls! He’s not supposed to brush his lovely curly hair every day!

And then I was sent a bottle of Loyon to try out. At this point, on two kids (lots of things happened in between), both with mild cradle cap.

Using Loyon

The product is easy to apply – you can do it either by spraying, or with a pipette provided. I chose to use the spray, and was quite happy with it. It spreads well onto a large surface of the skin, while not being too messy or oily and not staining everything else it touches.

I used it for about 10 days, but, admittedly, not every day. So after the first 3 uses (over about 6 days) I saw something that seemed like worsening of the problem. My kids’ cradle cap was more visible than ever, with scaly patches being easy to lift and pull off.

That’s when I decided to do it properly. For the following 3 days I’ve used it every day, and after that the scales have completely disappeared! It’s been several months now, and they haven’t yet come back. However, I still have more than half of the bottle left, to deal with potential returns of the cradle cap.














            • - easy to spread on skin
            • - successfully treats cradle-cap
            • - safe for use on baby skin
            • - cost-effective


            • - contains silicone - potentially bioaccumulative
            • - acts slightly slower than expected

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