If your vagina could talk…

…oh, the stories it could tell. No, today we’re not talking about your sexual adventures. This time we’re focusing on all the little things that can make a vagina healthy and balanced. So, here we go…

If your vagina could talk, it would tell you…

…to stop using soap!

Soap is an alkaline product and can easily disrupt acid-alkaline balance of your intimate region. For intimate hygiene always use mild products designed for this purpose. They shouldn’t contain harsh detergents, fragrances, alcohol or any potential allergens since all of these ingredients could cause irritation.

…to douche without going overboard!

There’s been a lot of talk about whether douching is beneficial or potentially harmful for vaginal health. Well, the medical circles have reached the verdict – despite common beliefs, douching is very important in order to get rid of the debris around the uterus. The build-up of this debris inside vagina can cause infection, so it should be cleaned up regularly. However, make sure to follow the instructions on how often you should douche so that you don’t disturb the natural balance inside your vagina. Choose a douche that is optimally designed and safe to use.

…to throw away your synthetic thongs collection!

Or at least keep them only for special occasions. Synthetic underwear doesn’t allow the skin to breathe – this creates a damp environment, lack of airflow and increased temperature, all of which support the growth of bacteria and voila, here comes a bacterial infection! Another point to make is that all of your underwear, as well as other clothing (tight jeans, leggings, shorts, etc.), need to fit you to avoid constant rubbing of the material against the skin. Tight clothing can cause chafing, soreness and irritation, so make sure to choose cotton underwear that fits you comfortably.

…to do Kegel’s exercises!

From more sexual pleasure, all the way over to prevention of pelvic prolapse and bladder insufficiency, Kegel’s can bring your vagina a long list of benefits. The only trick is to start right now. These exercises are so discreet that you can work out without anybody knowing. You can do them right now, while reading this text.

…to stay away from scented products!

Sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons – manufacturers have decided to make them more attractive by telling you that the scented versions of these products will keep you smelling lovely and fresh all day long. What they don’t usually mention is that the fragrances used to create this lovely and fresh sensation, very often act as allergens and irritants. And I can tell you one thing – there’s nothing lovely and fresh about increased discharge or thrush that develops because of irritation.

…to ditch the panty liners after 3-4h!

Even though they are very practical, panty liners are not designed to be used all day long. The plastic, sticky side of the panty liner that allows it to stick to your underwear is like wrapping your intimate region in cling film – increased perspiration, lack of airflow and heat, not to mention discharge that is being collected and then stored in this environment for hours… Recipe for an infection. If you can’t live without them, at least make sure to replace a panty liner every three to four hours and don’t use them all day long – give your vagina a chance to breathe.

…to honour it with a good hygiene regime!

Vaginas are really fascinating organs. The least we can do for them is learn what a good hygiene regime is and stick to it. Remember, bad hygiene is worse than no hygiene at all!

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