Calling all sufferers of skin conditions – the fight ends here!

To those afflicted with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, cellulite and stretch marks. We have found the cure. It comes in a cute brown package, and goes by the name Frank.

I first stumbled across Frank Body whilst I was doing my usual stalk of Australian celebrities (probably past 1am) on Instagram. Whilst at first I assumed Frank body was just another run of the mill Australian product probably overrated for what it is, initially I didn’t take any serious notice. However, I then began to look at before and after pictures of clients singing their praises and I decided it might be worth a shot.

Now, I don’t have a skin condition that falls under a direct category. I just have very sensitive skin which is often triggered by not very much at all and leaves angry itchy blotches on my skin. As irritating as this can be, my main issue lies with self confidence. Sometimes it’s hard to feel great in an outfit if you’re aware that your skin isn’t looking so great. I think is probably the same with most people who have skin problems. Even though skin conditions often go unnoticed, to you they can feel like the most obvious thing in the world. Now – here is where I introduce you to Frank.

using frank
My very own legs and my very own Frank.

I know you’re probably thinking what actually is this ‘Frank’? So, I will take the time to explain. Frank Body is an exfoliator containing natural ingredients such as coffee, orange/coconut/peppermint (depending on the packet you buy) bamboo, grape seed oil, vitamin E and aloe vera to name a few things. It is the consistency of ground coffee, and works by scrubbing the problem areas of your skin whilst wet (the shower is a good destination to head with Frank.)

There are a lot of pros to the product, and reasoning behind the carefully chosen ingredients. The product is mainly based on ground coffee. This is because coffee is a wonderful, natural exfoliator that both gets rid of those dead skin cells whilst encouraging skin rejuvenation (as stated on the website). Coffee also has the same pH level as our skin!! Meaning Frank will not leave you dry or oily, as many products targeting these skin probs do. Other pros included that the product arrived really quickly (I live in Scotland so this was a huge surprise). Frank is also vegan and not tested on animals, a definite feel good bonus. The product is advertised as Frank being not only a humble coffee scrub, but also a bit of a ladies man who “only tests on babes.”

I will say though, Frank is extremely messy. I think this is a lot of fun, but you need to take time to use the product (I would recommend before bed so you can allow yourself to feel like a silky silk worm in bed.) The mess is all part of the advertising campaign, but I did have to clean the shower out, so beware of that.

To conclude, I think this product is 110% worth it, even if you don’t have specific skin conditions needing some attention. To those who have been in search of a product to get rid of lumps and bumps, rashes and spots Frank Body is literally the holy grail. I’ve used the extensive list of moisturisers (even though prescribed to me by the doctor) and nothing took action as quickly as Frank. After three uses, my skin was almost back to normal.

Frank Body

Frank Body












            • - Works quickly in getting rid of skin conditions
            • - Good price for the standard of product. High street price for above average performance.
            • - Completely vegan/eco friendly.


            • - Must order online/cannot be purchased in shops
            • - Very messy (however is stated all over the website and packaging)


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